Coming to Port Austin to see Turnip Rock?

Turnip Rock questions account for 3/4 of the phone calls we receive at the chamber. It's a popular destination, so we hope to answer some common questions and give visitors the best resources available for their visit to the beautiful Port Austin coast.


First and foremost:


(we can't put enough exclaimation points)

Wear a Life Jacket

Weather: Lake Huron can be a dangerous place. Please check the weather before you begin your adventure. If you want some advice from an experienced source, visit Port Austin Kayak. They keep close tabs on the weather and water conditions. Click here to view NOAA's Marine Forcast

Safety Gear: While life jackets are required for ALL watercraft (including kayaks and canoes), if you cannot swim the importance of a life jacket cannot be overstated. Click here to read the life jacket law

Experience: Do you have a watercraft that can handle a Great Lake?  Do you know what to do in an emergency on the water? Click here for some tips from the MSU Extension

Advice: We recommend all kayakers visit Port Austin Kayak to get the advice they need to safely paddle in Lake Huron. 


Welcome to Lake Huron

Enjoy Nature Respectufully

It's the right thing to do.

The Pointe Aux Barques Community owns the land around Turnip Rock. Like a lot of people in Port Austin, most people in Pointe Aux Barques are here on vacation and to enjoy themselves. 

We ask that all visitors to Turnip Rock be respectful of not only the Pointe Aux Barques Community but to Lake Huron as well. 

Please don't litter, trespass, or plan to party at Turnip Rock. Please do come enjoy a natural beauty and enjoy the day on the lake. 


How do I get there? Can I take a break? Where should I launch?

More Information

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