Please familiarize yourself with the 2019 General Information and Rules before submitting your Vendor Agreement

Vendor Agreement
By signing this contract, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the "2019 General Information and Rules" for the Port Austin Farmers Market. I further agree to hold harmless from legal and financial liability the Port Austin Farmers Market and the Village of Port Austin.
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Non-Farm/Non-Food Items
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Please provide a brief description of the products you plan to sell. Please be specific --- do not just say "crafts" – say Crafts made of wood – birdhouses, signs, yard art --- or "baked goods" – say Baked Goods – cinnamon rolls and cinnamon bread.
We understand that you may have things come up throughout the season that may change your attendance plans; please estimate the number and dates you plan to vend at the market
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First date of Attendance
Vendor Spot Specifications
If so estimate the number & date your site requirements might change. Generally this applies to produce vendors
If so, did that time seem to work for you and would you recommend a change?
Photo release authorization
The Market, or various media outlets, will be taking photographs of the market for promotional reasons. Every effort will be made to get specific permission when photos are taken. By signing below, you acknowledge that photos taken at or around your booth are acceptable and will be allowed. ~ Yes, permission to use photos is granted