Experience the night sky like never before!

Visit the Dark Sky Preserve at Port Crescent State Park.

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Port Crescent State Park Dark Sky Preserve

What is a Dark Sky Preserve?

Port Crescent State Park is recognized as one of six dedicated dark sky preserves in the State of Michigan. What is a Dark Sky Preserve? A Dark Sky Preserve is a place that protects the natural light of the night sky. By taking steps to reduce and eliminate light pollution, these spaces promote the study of astronomy, stargazing, and night recreation in the State of Michigan. 

Port Crescent Dark Sky Preserve

What will I see?

The Port Crescent State Park Dark Sky Preserve has been known as an ideal place to see the northern lights, constellations, and meteor showers in addition to many stars and planets. Don't forget to check the expected weather conditions before heading out. 

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The Dark Sky Preserve is located within the Port Crescent State Day Use Park. A popular place to set up for viewing is next to the beach. Parking in lot C will bring you closest to this area. Remember to lower your headlights when entering the parking lot so you don't interrupt fellow stargazers. 

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  • 2000 Port Austin Road, Port Austin, MI 48467

  • GPS: 44° 0.25200, -83° 3.73380