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Orionids Meteor Shower

In late October, head outside to see another active meteor shower, the Orionids. Occurring from October 16th to October 30th each year, the Orionids occur as earth passes through the field of debris left by Halley’s Comet. While Halley’s Comet last came into our part of the solar system in 1986, the debris field from this comet provides us with a good reason to go stargazing each year.

The Orionids appear to radiate from a point in the outer region of the constellation Orion (as the name suggests), near the star Betelgeuse in the direction of the constellation Gemini. On October 21st, the night of peak activity, you can expect to see up to 25 meteors per hour radiating from this part of the eastern sky.

Watch it at the Dark Sky Preserve

The Dark Sky Preserve at Port Crescent State Park is the perfect place to watch the peak of the Orionids Meteor Shower which is to take place on Monday, October 21st.

For more information about the Dark Sky Preserve at Port Crescent State Park, click here.

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